Clean Streets Program

This program has been developed for juveniles who for one reason or another have found themselves within the justice system for low level offenses. These individuals have been assigned community service by one of several District Judges. We offer an opportunity to work those hours by cleaning the neighborhood streets and participating in CrossFit physical fitness training. Our goal is to provide these individuals an opportunity to establish a sense of accomplishment while interacting with positive active lifestyle role models. While here these individuals will clean and sweep the streets of Pottstown, if it snows they will shovel sidewalks, if it rains they will CrossFit. Be advised, while at PAC for Community Service:
  • A Parent or Legal Guardian must accompany any youth the first time and sign a waiver of release.
  • Dress according to the elements; You will be outside for the majority of your time.
  • At some point you will participate in one or more of our CrossFit workouts.
  • No community service will be performed while it’s raining.
  • If it’s snowing, be prepared to shovel snow.
  • No friends allowed, this is not a time to socialize.
  • No cell phone use, no texting, prepare to leave your phone at the front desk.
  • Rude behavior and bad attitudes will not be tolerated. All unacceptable behavior will be rewarded with immediate departure.
  • PAC does not receive any funding for this program, we are providing a service to the community. Please be respectful and appreciate our gift to the community.
Available Community Service Hours:
Monday – 5pm-8pm
Tuesday – 5pm-8pm
Wednesday – 5pm-8pm
Thursday – 5pm-8pm
Additional hours may be available upon request.
Any questions call Rob 484 302 9950 or email [email protected]
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