About Pottstown Athletic Club

Pottstown Athletic Club (PAC) is a 501c3 nonprofit multi-sport youth athletic club. We offer several programs to Pottstown youth and those of surrounding municipalities.

  • CrossFit Training
  • CrossFit Recovery
  • CrossFit Future Soldiers
  • Clean Street Community Service Program
  • Pottstown Chapter of The Guardian Angels
  • Pottstown Chapter of The Junior Guardian Angels

Our focus is on personal responsibility, confronting and overcoming obstacles and addressing personal challenges. Football, baseball, soccer and other organized sports are not always attractive to all youth, especially those with troubled backgrounds, anger management issues and whose homes are not safe sanctuaries. Pottstown Athletic Club / CrossFit Pottstown provides teens and youth with alternative programs for physical fitness, competition and character development. Olympic weightlifting, karate and CrossFit are excellent tools for teens and youths from these backgrounds to utilize in order to focus within and build the confidence to challenge themselves and confront life’s “not always fair” realities.

We offer no secret techniques, no mystical art, and no superhuman abilities. Instead, we offer the benefits that come from hard work and consistent training: hard work enhances ability, humility develops character, structure produces discipline, and focus inspires intellect.  What we learn through training carries over to all aspects of our lives.  The world we inhabit is a very competitive place.  Whether it’s competition at school or in the job market, the earlier we learn to handle competitive and stressful situations, the better we learn to not feel threatened or unthinkingly react in those situations.  If nurtured properly, the attitude cultivated within martial arts,  weightlifting, CrossFit athletic training and competition can greatly develop the confidence required to succeed in personal and professional endeavors.  PAC athletes who have remained consistent in their training, accountable for their behavior and responsible for their own advancement and ability have moved on to be successful in their personal and professional lives

PAC is not in the “business” of karate. CrossFit is a club that focuses on character development while simultaneously introducing physical fitness and awareness to youth that would otherwise not have this opportunity. Youth who wish to participate and cannot financially contribute are not turned away.

“It’s bigger than me – It’s bigger than you – Check your ego at the door, and let’s get to work!”

                                                                                                                –  Rob Matthews

Any questions call Rob 484 302 9950 or email [email protected]
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