Damien Thornton (Director of Adapted Athletics)

Damien has found the way to “Overcome Adversity” by not being afraid to accept challenges. And in how “Avoiding Self-Criticism”, you can accomplish your goals, find your true purpose and direction for the rest of your life by “Breaking The Mindset of I Can’t.” Don’t give fear and doubt a place in your life. They are too powerful and if you’re not careful, they will overwhelm you and eat you alive. Fear does not exist; Failure does not exist. You either choose to do something or you choose not to do it. Fear is not a life-or-death situation. It’s a joy or stress destination. Believe in yourself, and You will have SUCCESS. Your condition in life does not define you. You define and decide who you are. Someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t hold the entire value of your sense of self-worth in the good or bad qualities that they just happen to tell you. You are already good enough just the way that you are, and you deserve the best in your life. Don’t just be good…Be Great. Be Great in loving and trusting with all that you are and all that you are meant to be. Be Great at putting the needs of others before your own. And most importantly, Be Great at accepting who you, what you are, and by uncovering and loving the real you.


  • 2002 Dean’s Student Leadership Award for Academic Excellence and Community Service Outreach
  • 2000 NWBA Tournament Most Valuable Player
  • 2000 Baltimore Metro All-Star Classic All Tournament Basketball Team Selection
  • 2001 Craig Cook All Star Memorial Tournament All Tournament Basketball Team Selection
  • 2000-2002 Defensive Player of the Year (3X Recipient)
  • 1995 Robert McShane Award for Excellence In Track and Field
  • 1992 Ludden League Community and School Service Award
  • Father Kevin J. Murphy Award for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Athletics

Octavius Baker (Coach "O")

Yooo…Coach “O” here.
I’ve been around PAC since I was 17-18years old.

This club has literally shaped my life. Undetermined on what I wanted to do with my life, PAC was there. It’s always valued loyalty and all things forward, community. Those values became mine. From being a part of the Pottstown Guardian Angels in order to make the sidewalks of Hanover safe to do wall balls on (we have many stories about those nights). To doing rowing marathons on Hanover St. Those values are also the reason why I’m not around the gym as much, but I’ve never strayed too far. Regardless of how many gyms I’ve trained at, coached at, PAC and CrossFit Pottstown will always be the home this Nomad returns to…

I’m a coach, programmer and personal trainer. Brutally Effective Training is many things to say the least and PAC was the beginning of it all. Anyone that had come to a class or been around me knows, I flourish when the athlete or coach is flourishing. If I’m around, I thrive on questions and sharing the knowledge that PAC opened the doors to. Don’t ever hesitate to ask me anything. If I don’t know the answer or a solution, I’ve studied many crafts of other coaches and their craft that I’m sure I could point you in a solid direction.

Always remember….. …This is your life so live it!

Coach Dustin Patrick

“I struggled with addiction to drugs for 36 years of my life and I now have 6 years off of all mind altering substances. My CrossFit community here at CrossFit Pottstown Resurgence has played a major role in this journey. I have been coaching Resurgence classes for 2 years. I have my CrossFit level 1 certificate and my CFL2 is pending. I have also obtained CrossFit “Spot the Flaw” “Programming” and “Scaling” certifications as well. I spend my days working with men released from prison into a residential faith based “re-entry” program that I also went through. Within the program I help to change men’s thinking, beliefs, and unhealthy coping skills, and guide them to a new way of life. Their character is under constant scrutiny and they are held accountable which is something that I needed in my life to help me change. When I am not working you will find me in the gym, where I help others to become the most efficient and best athlete that they can be. I love the pain cave and that’s where I thrive”.

Coach Christian Edsall (Coach "CJ")

Hi people I’m coach C.J.

I’ve coached at PAC for about a year and a half. Same amount of time I’ve held my CFL1. I found Crossfit here through resurgence classes going on four years ago. I had just turned 26 I was in the worst shape of my life, heavy smoker, 5 years into my recovery and in a depressed dark place. This outlet really help shape and change my life for the better, and continues to do so as I continue to coach and train more into Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting. My favorite lift is the snatch, because of its complexity and reward when all of the details of form come together to lift the weight overhead in one “pull, pray, and catch”. The athletes who I coach, coach with, am coached by or train alongside have also forever impacted and changed my life. They inspire and motivate me to continue to try to be better.

Outside of the gym I enjoy golfing, pyrography, carpentry, spending time with family and friends, and playing videogames. I work with youth as a career, teaching them carpentry and try to impact their lives so that they can sway towards a healthier productive lifestyle. I currently have been clean and sober for over 8 and half years, and throughout that time two important things i have learned, is to keep it on a just for today basis and always keep pushing forward. We out here.

Coach Joel Quirple

I have been coming to PAC for the past 3 years (on King street) and plus a year on Hanover. I have been assisting the main Coaches of PAC going on 2 years throughout the week. I coach alongside Coach Brit on Tuesday @ 7:30pm and Coach Zig on Fridays @ 7:30pm with The Weekly Fight. And you can also catch me at 5:30 am on Wednesday’s.

I am currently serving as part of my units Full Time Staff as a Readiness NCO. I have multiple Military Occupational Specialties (Infantry, Cavalry Scout, Chemical NCO). I also hold multiple Skill Identifiers as well. I will be coming up on 21 years total in the PA Army National Guard and have been Active for 16 of them.

My most enjoyable lift is the Deadlift. And my most frowned upon lift is the Snatch.

When I’m not in the gym or working I am spending time with my girlfriend and our children and our 3 fur children. I have come to find out that without the over consumption of alcohol I am a pretty good cook in the kitchen and on the grill. I just hit my 3 years sober in February 2022 and couldn’t be happier with how my life has turned around. I have missed so much in the past but now I am able to make up for it by being in the moment instead of wrapped up in the addiction.

Coach Rolando Esposito

Hey guys, I’m Coach Rolando!

I’ve been working out at PAC since 2009. I have enjoyed coming here and participating in all the competitions we’ve had throughout the years. I even went for my L 1 CrossFit course back in 2012. When I’m not at CrossFit, you can find me making pizzas at My Pizza shop, Sal’s Pizza II or enjoying time with my beautiful wife and 4 beautiful daughters. I even have a grandson that enjoys coming to CrossFit with me when he can.

I enjoy coaching CrossFit and helping people get better at it every day! My favorite exercises are back squats and deadlift. I’m currently coaching Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30am. I’m covering for Coach O (Octavius) while he gets situated with his new job. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have open gym where we work on strength and improve on personal skills. You can catch us there from 8:30am-9:30am, anyone is welcome to join!!!

Coach Brynna Labik (Coach "B")


I’m Coach Brynna, or Coach B. I’ve been an athlete at PAC since 2012, and a coach since 2014. I coach the 6:00 pm Wolf-PAC and 9:00 am on weekends. I started out getting my CrossFit L1 and coaching kids CrossFit twice a week. I discovered my love for coaching here and went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport and Science with a focus in strength and conditioning from Temple University. Along with my degree I also am a certified USAW L1 coach. I coached and interned at several strength and CrossFit gyms in Philly before moving back to the area when Covid hit.

When I’m not coaching, I am hanging out with my boyfriend, family and friends, coaching basketball, working or studying as I am going back to school for nursing. As busy as I am, my love for working out and coaching will never fade. My favorite movement to teach is the clean and jerk and any variation of the burpee. My favorite movement currently is the snatch….however that changes every week ?I love challenging everyone with tough workouts and live for the moments when athletes tell me how proud they are of themselves. I can’t wait to help everyone keep making goals and crossing them off the goals board!

Coach Rob Fitzpatrick

I started my CrossFit journey over 10 years ago when I walked through the doors of Pottstown CrossFit on Hanover street with my brother Dustin. Rob Matthews and the members made that place feel more than just a gym and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Working out is more than a hobby for me but my lifestyle. I’ve coached everything from CrossFit classes, kids classes, boot camps, personal training and even high school wrestling. You may not see me coaching many classes here at PAC but you might see me chime in and give tips while I’m working out. I truly love to see people grow in this sport.

Coach Gina Sciabarassi (Coach "Gina")

Hi, I am coach Gina!

I have been coaching the Resurgence classes for 4 years. During the day I work as a Certified Peer Specialist. When I am not working- you will most likely find me in the gym, running in the woods, or trying to hike up a mountain.

Right now I am training for a Strongman Show. After that, I will be training for a 32 mile Spartan Ultra. My goal right now is to GET STRONG. I am CrossFit L1 Certified, CFL2 is pending, USAW level 1 Weightlifting Certified, and I am certified to teach Gymnastics in a CrossFit setting.

My favorite thing to teach people is the Snatch! My favorite lift is the overhead press and I love using dumbbells and kettlebells in WODs!

I coach the Resurgence class on Wednesdays at 5pm! You can also catch me coaching classes Monday & Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 9am. I absolutely love helping people get strong- mentally & physically.

Any questions call Rob 484 302 9950 or email [email protected]
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