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Pottstown Athletic Club / CrossFit Pottstown

Pottstown Athletic Club (PAC) is a 501c nonprofit multi-sport Youth / Family Athletic Club. We offer a variety of fitness programs to Pottstown families and those of surrounding municipalities.

For over 25 years this club of athletes has defined ourselves as a value driven socially responsible organization. We recognize the ability we possess to take control of not only our lives, but to help others empower themselves and change their lives.

Our formula is simple, through athletics, we provide opportunity and support to those looking to change.

At Pottstown Athletic Club we are committed to community, both in the facility and within the Pottstown area. We welcome everyone with a free trial week with no obligation to join. We especially encourage the whole family to participate.

In 2014 and 2015 CrossFit International Headquarters found what we were doing in Pottstown so unique that they sent their film crews to Pottstown to create two videos about our Club and what we have to offer.

CrossFit Pottstown Pans Out -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HGugghCOXRM

Enter The Dragon Warriors - http://journal.crossfit.com/2015/02/enter-the-dragon-warriors.tpl#featureArticleTitle


CrossFit & KidsFit Resurgence CrossFit Future Soldiers Guardian Angels

Pottstown Crossfit

We offer CrossFit and KidsFit training coached by CF Level 1 Certified instructors. CF is an Elite level core fitness program

Pottstown Crossfit Resurgence

CrossFit Pottstown Resurgence – CPR, Is a recovery based athletic support class for individuals transitioning into a sober healthy active lifestyle. 3 free classes per week with recovery meeting 1x per week..

Pottstown Crossfit

Preparing Local DEP (Delayed Entry Program) Future Soldiers with their Preliminary Basic Training Fitness capabilities

Pottstown Chapter of the Guardian Angels

Members are recruited from within this club and provide numerous functions to this community. The Pottstown Junior Guardian Angels is a Junior Leadership / Anti Bully program.

Dragon WarriorsBoxingCleans Streets Program

Dragon Warriors Boxing Clean Streets Program Pottstown Karate

Pottstown Dragon Boat Warriors

Encouraging Pottstown area adults and youth to pursue physical and mental fitness through paddling, teamwork, and self-improvement.

USA Weightlifting

PAC Boxing team provides an avenue of athletic competition and physical fitness for boxing athletes of all levels.

Clean Streets Program

We offer an opportunity for juveniles to work community service hours imposed by the justice system by cleaning the neighborhood streets and participating in CrossFit physical fitness training.

Pottstown Karate

Men and women of all ages can learn the art of karate. Children can begin as young as 5 years old. Training at POTTSTOWN KARATE CLUB is highlighted by personal, individualized instruction in small class settings